PEP 526 - var annotations and the spirit of python

Jim Lee jlee54 at
Tue Jul 3 22:28:43 EDT 2018

On 07/03/18 16:51, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> I love watching pedantically precise people panic and dig themselves into
> a hole. Since I'm an extremely pedantic person myself, I can recognise it
> in others -- especially when they're not as precisely correct as they
> think they're being.
> It was two numbers, not three, and not even close to "vastly" different.

   Ah, I see we're not going to leave it alone.  In that case, 
"indefinite" is a "number", in that it was a quantity you cited along 
with the other two.  If you'd prefer to call it a "quantity", that's 
fine with me.  Talk about pedantic...

> Both numbers I mentioned (ten thousand hours, a couple of years) are
> within the bounds of acceptable precision to each other: their
> (figurative) error bars overlap.

Who is defining acceptable here?  And you are once again creating a 
strawman argument.  My quibble was *not* with the difference between 
10,000 hours and 2 years.

>> I think we both get the idea - let's back out of this rabbit trail
>> before we get lost, ok? :)
> Translation:
> "Yeah Steve, you're right, I was kinda a dick for pedantically telling
> you off for imprecision in numbers even though I knew full well that no
> greater precision was possible or desirable, but how 'bout you drop it and
> leave me with the last word, hmmm?"

Sigh.  I tried to give you a graceful way to end the pedantics. Now, I 
will gracefully allow you to have the last word as well.


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