File names with slashes [was Re: error in os.chdir]

Mikhail V mikhailwas at
Wed Jul 4 17:56:22 EDT 2018

ChrisA wrote:

> Mikhail V wrote:
>> Yes, and the answer was a week ago: just put "r" before  the string.
>> r"C:\programs\util"
>> And it worked till now. So why should I replace backslashes with
>> forward slashes?
>> There is one issue that I can't write \ on the end:
>> r"C:\programs\util\"
>> But since I know it's a path and not a file, I just write without trailing \.

> That's exactly the issue.

If its about trailing \ - then this is issue with the syntax - not
with the path.

> But if you just always separate paths with
> forward slashes, you never have a problem. There is no "replace"
> happening; you simply use the correct path separation character from
> the start.

I am on windows, and the OP is (othrwise why would he ask?).
If next version of windows will use forward slashes everywhere,
then yes - there will be no "replace" happening.

To the subject of the question - for the user it is most important to
*see* and copy-paste the path string exactly as it is displayed everywhere
else on windows.
Other problems, like designing cross-platform utils, etc. are not really
relevant to the simple use case (on windows).

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