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Wed Jul 4 19:57:40 EDT 2018

Adrian Taylor <ataylor at> writes:

> I have just discovered Python […]

Welcome. The Python community has a starter page for beginners at

> However my next big step is to be able to use this python feature
> within a website.

Good. Be aware, though, that running a program on the public internet is
a very complicated thing. Partly this is because your program needs to
be on a web site, which itself needs to play nicely with the rest of the

And, an even more important part, is that the internet is a very wild
place with a continual noise of malicious parties trying to compromise
any site. So you need to do a lot of things just to defend against that.

All of which is to say: There is a huge increase in complexity from “my
simple program which accepts input and produces output”, to a website
that will do the same thing.

See the community guides on web frameworks, which let you wrap your
feature in a whole lot of code that will take care of the “be a website”
job <URL:>.

For general purpose use, I recommend Django which has excellent help

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