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boB Stepp robertvstepp at
Wed Jul 4 22:19:50 EDT 2018

On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 10:26 PM T Berger <brgrt2 at> wrote:

> I don't think I want to try a mail list. I had subscribed to the
> python-list a few weeks ago and then been forced to unsubscribe
> because of the flood of irrelevant posts.

I use Gmail.  It does allow various ways of filtering emails as has
been suggested.  I normally use the Gmail web interface.  This allows
for the creation of a "Forums" tab.  This is where I send all of my
technical forum posts for reading when I get time.  If you don't want
to figure out how to filter emails, an easy thing to do with this
Forums tab setup is when a Python List email arrives in your Inbox,
click and drag that email to the Forums tab.  Soon you will find that
all of these emails will go there instead of your normal Inbox tab.
If I find I don't want to read all of these emails (A true rarity!),
then I don't find it burdensome to select all of the emails I might
not want to read manually by checking all relevant check boxes and
then clicking on the trash can icon to get rid of them all.

Two things you _might_ want to do:

1) Subscribe to the Python Tutor email list.  Though the main list
people are more than happy to help out, you have noticed that this
list generates a lot of emails on many days.  The Tutor list is not so
busy usually.  Plus, if you are truly not comfortable with Python yet,
you are more likely to find those _other_ emails of some interest.
Also, many of the people like Ben, Steve, Cameron, etc. hang out in
the Tutor list, too, and provide tons of help to Python learners.

2) Some of your questions have not been directly Python-related.  You
will probably find better and quicker answers if you search out the
forums dedicated to those more specialized areas.


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