File names with slashes [was Re: error in os.chdir]

Mikhail V mikhailwas at
Thu Jul 5 11:57:18 EDT 2018

Steven D'Aprano wrote:

> In Explorer and the open-file dialog of most applications, they will see
> paths like this:
>     directory\file name with spaces
> with the extension (.jpg, .pdf, .docx etc) suppressed. So by your
> argument, Python needs to accept strings without quotes:
>     open(directory\file name with spaces, 'r')
> and guess which extension you mean.
> That would be fun to watch in action.

I think it's what is called 'English humor'?
Funny (just a little bit).

Wait a moment - you are well aware of Windows features,
that's suspicious...

BTW Explorer with hidden extension that's a sign of
"double-click, drag-and-drop" category of users.
Definitely more advanced users turn on extensions,
or don't even use explorer as a file manager.

> Linux programmers will
> see paths with spaces and other metacharacters escaped:
>     directory/file\ name\ with\ spaces.txt

ick. what I see is escaping of the most frequent Latin character.

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