Google weirdness

Travis McGee nobody at
Thu Jul 12 22:31:35 EDT 2018

I somehow managed to trigger the dialog below by typing in a certain 
Python phrase to Google. Anyone know what it's about? It shows up in 
what appears to be terminal screen.


Google has a code challenge ready for you.
Been here before?

This invitation will expire if you close this page.

Success! You've managed to infiltrate Commander Lambda's evil 
organization, and finally earned yourself an entry-level position as a 
Minion on her space station.

 From here, you just might be able to subvert her plans to use the 
LAMBCHOP doomsday device to destroy Bunny Planet. Problem is, Minions 
are the lowest of the low in the Lambda hierarchy. Better buck up and 
get working, or you'll never make it to the top...

For a list of commands type help. To get started with your first 
challenge type request.

foobar:~/ guest$

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