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Fri Jul 13 17:16:16 EDT 2018

On 13/07/2018 21:43, Marko Rauhamaa wrote:
> Ethan Furman <ethan at>:
>> Does anything good come from engaging with Bart? I haven't seen it
>> yet. Seems to me the solution is not to engage.
> He must be a very lonely person as he keeps coming here for repeated
> beatings from the regulars.

You are admitting they are 'beatings'? It doesn't make it sound very 
welcoming to newcomers does it?

If you look at my posting history, my contributions start off low key 
but then people are intent on confrontation with someone who has 
different views, and I defend my position. It then escalates from there.

I would also defend my right on a public newsgroup (I access it from 
usenet) to give my opinions about a programming language. People are 
welcome to disagree without descending into personal attacks.

With regard to GvR's resignation partly due to disagreements, I can 
fully empathise. Here are some online comments about it:

  "Python's community is definitely a very opinionated one (but which 
one isn't?). It's not the first time that Guido indirectly mentions how 
stubborn and divided the community becomes around some PEPs."

"What's bad is that people get so fanatical in their opinion about some 
issue, that they forget to show respect. Some people are so 
self-absorbed that they really don't "see" this ... lack of ability to 
empathize with others.

The point is not to worship the leader, it's just about treating people 
(everyone) with respect - that's what makes or breaks a community."

"For those who are curious, I looked up PEP 572. It's about adding an 
assignment expression (think in JS, while (token = loop()) {}. It's been 

This last is pretty much what I said, complete with a tangential remark 
about how ubiquitous such a thing is elsewhere, which lead to the 
comment about nuclear war with Russia, whatever that was about. I think 
if anyone else had made that exact same post, it would not have had that 

This group is openly hostile and unwelcoming.


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