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Sat Jul 14 00:38:40 EDT 2018

On Sat, 14 Jul 2018 00:45:00 +0300, Marko Rauhamaa wrote:

> Chris Angelico <rosuav at>:

>> Oh, sorry, I mean "how Python lacks basic features that your language
>> just happens to tick all the boxes on". People who come in and ask
>> genuine questions about Python seem to find the group far more
>> welcoming and helpful.
> Yeah, that is cult behavior.

Cultists also breathe oxygen and consume food, what's your point?

It is perfectly natural psychology that if somebody comes to you and 
politely ask for help, you are more likely to be polite and welcoming in 
return than if they come in, flop out their dick and start pissing all 
over your favourite things.

"Why are you so unwelcoming? I'm just making a technical criticism."

Steven D'Aprano
"Ever since I learned about confirmation bias, I've been seeing
it everywhere." -- Jon Ronson

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