Bart bc at
Sat Jul 14 06:20:24 EDT 2018

On 14/07/2018 07:04, Gregory Ewing wrote:
> Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>> He once went on for *weeks* about C's (yes, this was in c.l.c) failure
>> to have what he regards as a "proper" for-loop.
> That could only have happened if there were people willing
> to keep replying to him about it for weeks. So, if it was
> a bad thing, you can't say it was entirely his fault.

Exactly. Someone even admitted that 99% of the time he only needed 
exactly the simple loop I suggested, but was still 100% against the idea!

Another example of people over-defending /their/ language's lack of 
something so fundamental (this one was even part of Fortran in the 
1950s), for no other reason than the language not having it, and the 
language is always right.

Perhaps cult-like behaviour with the object of worship being a language 
rather than an individual.


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