Guido van Rossum resigns as Python leader

Tim Daneliuk info at
Sat Jul 14 15:30:35 EDT 2018

On 07/14/2018 10:16 AM, Skip Montanaro wrote:
>> Is it irrational to wonder whether projects should be looking to migrate to
>> new languages? This kind of announcement makes me worry for the future.
> Umm, yeah. The language is stable, widely used packages are stable.
> Guido actually has little involvement in the larger Python ecosystem.
> It's not like NumPy, Django, Pandas, Flask, PyPI, Conda, or other
> popular packages or subsystems built with/for Python are suddenly
> going to crumble because Guido is no longer BDFL.
> But, by all means, if rewriting your applications in a different
> language floats your boat, go right ahead...
> Skip


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