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Ethan Furman ethan at
Sun Jul 15 13:25:37 EDT 2018

 From the Python List sign-up page:

About Python-list:  This mailing list is a general discussion list
for the Python programming language.


 From the Python CoC

A member of the Python community is:  Open, Considerate, Respectful


There is only a handful of volunteer list moderators, and we cannot read every message, nor every thread on Python List. 
  If anyone notices a bad actor [1] they are responsible for two things: do not engage with them any further; and report 
them to the list moderators [2].  Continuing to talk them or about them on the list only damages this community and your 
own reputation.


The following users are now banned from Python List:

Ranting Rick Johnson
voteswithfeet at

Rick, Bart, voteswithfeet, if you would like to be reinstated you may petition us in 2019.


For those who access Python List via the usenet and still see their posts, please do not engage with them.

Python List Moderators

[1]  Most bad actors are not obvious at first, but are usually discernible after a few interactions.
[2]  python-list-owner at

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