Cult-like behaviour [was Re: Kindness]

Jim Lee jlee54 at
Sun Jul 15 19:10:33 EDT 2018

On 07/15/18 16:04, Chris Angelico wrote:
> You claimed that Unicode was insignificant to many programs. I'm
> trying to say that a Unicode text string is a vital part of any
> program that works with text, which is pretty much anything that talks
> to humans. You keep saying that ... well you keep saying different
> things, and I've lost track of what your point actually is, but you
> want a way to... disable Unicode? Or something? And you have yet to
> give any example of a program that doesn't need Unicode, but still
> uses text.
> ChrisA

Why does this seem so obtuse to you?

Have you never heard of programming BEFORE Unicode existed?

How ever did we get along?  It must have been a hallucination...


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