can't install/run pip (Latest version of Python)

boB Stepp robertvstepp at
Sun Jul 15 20:44:54 EDT 2018

On Sun, Jul 15, 2018 at 7:34 PM S Lea <sleadpc at> wrote:
>  I can't seem to install the pips, DOS gives me the syntex i invalid, any
> thoughts?

You provide insufficient information for anyone to be able to help you.

1) Copy and paste the entire traceback into a plain text email, no
screen shots please.
2) Copy and paste exactly what you typed that generated the syntax error.
3) Did you do all of this in cmd.exe in what version of Windows?  Or
did you use something else?  Hopefully not in the interactive Python
interpreter or IDLE!
4) What Python version are you using?
5) Did you try searching for the exact error message and see what
answers might already be out there?

If you provide these things, or, better, search and find the answer
yourself, I'm sure someone will be happy to assist.

Good luck!

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