Unicode [was Re: Cult-like behaviour]

Rhodri James rhodri at kynesim.co.uk
Mon Jul 16 13:38:07 EDT 2018

On 16/07/18 18:27, Jim Lee wrote:
> 90% of the world *is* "beneath my notice" when it comes to programming 
> for myself.   I really don't care if that's not PC enough for you.
> Had you actually read my words with *intent* rather than *reaction*, you 
> would notice that I suggested the *option* of turning off Unicode.  I 
> didn't say get *rid* of Unicode.  I didn't say make it *harder* to use 
> Unicode.  Once again - reaction rather than reading.

Actually having an option of turning off Unicode *does* make it harder 
to use, because you end up coming across programs that have Unicode and 
surprise you when they misbehave.  And yes I saw that 90% of your 
programs aren't intended to get out into the world.  90% is never meant 
to leave the office.  90% of that does anyway.

I still don't get why strings being Unicode is such a problem for you. 
Could you explain?  I've only ever had problems with strings *not* being 
Unicode, and I really don't understand what has you so hot under the collar.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd

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