doubling the number of tests, but not taking twice as long

Stephan Houben stephanh42 at
Mon Jul 16 14:33:07 EDT 2018

Op 2018-07-16, Larry Martell schreef <larry.martell at>:
> I had some code that did this:
> meas_regex = '_M\d+_'
> meas_re = re.compile(meas_regex)
> if
>     stuff1()
> else:
>     stuff2()
> I then had to change it to this:
> if
>     if 'MeasDisplay' in filename:
>         stuff1a()
>     else:
>         stuff1()
> else:
>     if 'PatternFov' in filename:
>         stuff2a()
>    else:
>         stuff2()
> This code needs to process many tens of 1000's of files, and it runs
> often, so it needs to run very fast. Needless to say, my change has
> made it take 2x as long. 

It's not at all obvious to me.  Did you actually measure it?
Seems to depend strongly on what stuff1a and stuff2a are doing.

> Can anyone see a way to improve that?

Use multiprocessing.Pool to exploit multiple CPUs?


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