Unicode [was Re: Cult-like behaviour]

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Mon Jul 16 15:58:05 EDT 2018

On 7/16/2018 1:27 PM, Jim Lee wrote:

> 90% of the world *is* "beneath my notice" when it comes to programming 
> for myself.   I really don't care if that's not PC enough for you.
> Had you actually read my words with *intent* rather than *reaction*, you 
> would notice that I suggested the *option* of turning off Unicode.  I 
> didn't say get *rid* of Unicode.  I didn't say make it *harder* to use 
> Unicode.  Once again - reaction rather than reading.
> Obviously, the most vocal representatives of the Python community are 
> too sensitive about their language to enable rational discussion.

My empirical observation is that the more abrasive posters get rewarded 
with more response, while my attempts to engage in rational discussion, 
without ad hominems, gets less.

Terry Jan Reedy

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