can't install/run pip (Latest version of Python)

Thomas Jollans tjol at
Wed Jul 18 10:06:52 EDT 2018

On 2018-07-18 02:47, S Lea wrote:
> What do you use, Gene?
> It seems most business program run on Windows.

Many of us here use Linux. Some just rather like it and could use any
OS, while for others, software they rely on for work might only work
properly, or work better, on Linux. (This might be the case for some
software developers, and for some scientists and engineers). For others,
Windows has a distinct advantage.

Anyway, never mind Gene and his talk of diseases.

> Also, how does one get a 64 bit version?

When you said you were using a 32 bit version, I wondered how on earth
one gets a 32 bit version.

It turns out the x86-64 and x86 versions are listed on the same download
pages, right below each other. You must have clicked the wrong one.

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