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On Thu, 19 Jul 2018 14:00:39 -0700 (PDT), Rick Johnson
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>> Rick Johnson wrote:
>> >n... at none.invalid wrote:
>> > >
>> > > Edit with IDLE pull down menu has one item. Why would you
>> > > have nested menu with only one choice?
>> >
>> > Oh, i dunno, i'm just riffing here, but... perhaps because
>> > the menu's _contents_ depend on _context_???
>> It says.......Edit with IDLE and the pull down choice is
>> Edit with IDLE. Do you have an example of what else might
>> be in the Edit with IDLE menu?
>I dunno, as usual you don't offer enough _context_.
>WORD OF THE DAY, KIDS: "Context".
>Now, where is this offending "pull-down menu" located? 
> * As a "me-right-clicks-a-file-icon" OS menu?
> * An a menu of a specific program like IDLE?
> * On a moon made from blue cheese?
>Can you help us out here?
I keep forgetting that Python is cross platform.
I use Windows 7.
After installing Python you can right click on a .py file and you get
a pull down menu.
The option for Edit with IDLE has an expanding menu.  The only item in
the pull down menu is..........Edit with IDLE.

So to run a .py program, you have to right click and select the pull
down menu Edit with IDLE and then inside that menu you pick Edit with
IDLE.  Seems a little redundant.

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