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>>>I'm assuming you're using Windows.
>>>It might be that the console window's properties need changing:
>>>1. Right-click on the title bar.
>>>2. Click on Properties.
>>>3. In the Options tab, turn on QuickEdit Mode.
>>>4. Click OK.
>> I am using Windows7.  When I run the command line thingy
>It's called a console, which is a special window for command-line and
>text-interface applications. The Windows API includes functions that
>allow a process to attach to or allocate a console, read from and
>write to it for standard input & output (i.e. stdin, stdout, stderr),
>and low-level functions that allow creating complex text interfaces
>such as text editors (e.g. nano) and file managers (e.g. Far Manager).
>In Windows 7+, each console is hosted by an instance of conhost.exe.
>The console host process runs in the same security context (i.e. user,
>groups, integrity level, and privileges) as the process that allocates
>the console.
>python.exe is a console application, which means that it automatically
>attaches to the console of the parent process or allocates a new
>console if the parent doesn't have one.
>> When I try to turn on QuickEdit I get this error message.
>The console host failed to modify the shortcut. This is probably
>because the .LNK file was installed for all users, and the current
>user only has read & execute access. Administrators should have full
>access to this file. To run with administrator access, right-click the
>shortcut and choose "Run as administrator".
>FYI, the console's default settings for the current user are in the
>registry key "HKCU\Console". On the control menu, this is what the
>"Defaults" dialog modifies. The "Properties" dialog modifies the
>settings for the current window, which override the default settings.
>The current-window settings are stored based on the initial window
>title. If an application is run from a .LNK shortcut, the Windows
>shell sets the initial title in the process startup info as the
>fully-qualified path to the .LNK file and sets a flag that indicates
>this. In this case, the console knows that the current properties
>should be read from and written to the .LNK file. If the application
>is run directly instead of using a shortcut, then the console stores
>the properties in the registry key "HKCU\Console\[window title]". A
>custom window title can be set using CMD's `start` command. If no
>custom title is set, the default title is the fully-qualified path of
>the executable, which the console normalizes to make it suitable for
>use as a registry key (e.g. replace backslash with underscore).

I was able to run the program as administrator I changed the setting
so I can now copy and paste.


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