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On 7/19/2018 9:29 PM, eryk sun wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 5:42 PM, Terry Reedy <tjreedy at> wrote:
>> What happens when you right click depends on the program you are interacting
>> with.  When you select and right-click in the current Windows 10 console,
>> used for Command Prompt, PowerShell, Python, and other programs, the
>> selection disappears.  I just discovered that it also copies to the
>> clipboard.  I also just discovered that right click without a selection
>> pastes the current clipboard contents.  (I usually use ^X, ^C, and ^V.)
>> Since the console is in the process of being improved, I have no idea how
>> long this has been true.
> Prior to Windows 10, the console uses either "quick-edit" or "mark"
> mode for text selection.
> If "QuickEdit Mode" is selected in the console properties, mouse
> events are consumed internally by the console to support text
> selection. When text is selected, the enter key or right-click copies
> it. Other keys, including Ctrl+C, cancel the selection. If no text is
> selected, then right-click pastes the contents of the clipboard. You
> can also select "Copy" and "Paste" from the edit menu. Quick-edit mode
> can cause problems since it's easy to accidentally select text, which
> causes most console functions (e.g. reading from the input buffer) to
> block until the selection is copied or cancelled. Quick-edit mode also
> incompatible with text-interface applications that require mouse
> input.
> If quick-edit mode is disabled, by default right-click should display
> the edit menu, which has a "Mark" command. In mark mode you can use
> the cursor keys (arrows, home, end, page up/down) to position the
> cursor, and hold shift plus the cursor keys to select text. You can
> also use the mouse to select and copy text in mark mode.
> Windows 10
> In the new console, selecting "enable Ctrl key shortcuts" enables
> special support for control characters. In this mode, the old control
> characters can still be entered by including the shift key (e.g.
> Ctrl+Shift+V to get ^V). Without shift, we have, for example, Ctrl+F
> to find text, Ctrl+M to enter mark mode, Ctrl+A to select all text,
> and Ctrl+V to paste from the clipboard. Regardless of this setting, if
> text is selected, Ctrl+C copies it to the clipboard. Otherwise, with
> the default settings and no text selected, Ctrl+C sends a CTRL_C_EVENT
> to all processes attached to the console.
> If "extended text selection keys" is selected, text can be selected
> starting at the current cursor position using the cursor keys while
> holding shift. Mouse selection is also supported after you start
> selecting text with the keyboard. It's like mark mode, except only
> from the current cursor position.
> If "enable line wrapping selection" is enabled, text is selected by
> line and wraps as if the screen buffer were a continuous line. Hold
> Alt to get the classic rectangle selection. The Alt key actually acts
> like a toggle here. If "enable line wrapping selection" is not
> selected, then the default is rectangle mode and holding Alt switches
> to line mode.

It would be nice if this info could be access from within the Console 

Terry Jan Reedy

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