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Fri Jul 20 23:11:18 EDT 2018


I was watching some tutorial videos on Python that recommended I use
PyCharm and it worked pretty well until I tried to use input.

I found this:

It says..........
Pavel Karateev   commented 10 Jan 2018 11:57
Hi Calvin Broadus! I am sorry for the inconvenience, this is the
problem on PyCharm side, the fix is in progress, should be included in
the next minor update 2017.3.3, release candidate build is planned on
this week.

Since I just installed the program yesterday, I assume that the fix
has not been implemented yet.

Most of my practice programs I always just enter a set value for
inputs instead of taking inputs from the keyboard, but I would like to
pause so find out why my program is broken.

Is there another way to insert a pause that will work with PyCharm?

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