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> I am using a third party module that is returning list of lists.
> I am using the example below to illustrate.
> 1 results = [['1', 0.99921393753233001]]
> 2 k = results[0]
> 3 print k[0]
> 4 print k[1]
> Assume the line 1 is what is returned.
> I am assigning that to another list (k on line 2) and then accessing the 
> 1st and 2nd element in the list (line 3 and 4).
> How can I access elements of 1 and 0.99 without assigning it to another 
> list?

As you say, results is a list of lists.

results[0] returns the first inner list. There could potentially be more 
than one, in which case results[1] would return the second one. Use 
len(results) to find out how many inner lists there are.

results[0][0] returns the first element of the first inner list.

results[0][1] returns the second element of the first inner list.


Frank Millman

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