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Akkana Peck akkana at
Sun Jul 22 21:43:54 EDT 2018

> On 22/07/18 21:43, Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer wrote:
> > i need an html renderer (one of the most badly missed features of py, PEP
> > anyone?)

I think both GTK and Qt have basic HTML rendering widgets, for
simple tasks, but if you want something that behaves more like
a browser (javascript, link following, events), those probably
won't be good enough.

Thomas Jollans writes:
> Nobody writes browser engines. It's too hard to do what the available
> open source ones do half as well as they already do it.
> You can use webkit (of safari/chrome/etc. fame), or you can use gecko
> (mozilla). Webkit is easy to embed with PyQt or PyGObject/gtk+3. I don't
> know about gecko.

More specifically, QtWebEngine under PyQt5 (possibly also PyQt4).
The documentation is scanty, and doesn't cover Python at all, only
C++, but it works very well, using Blink (the library behind
Chromium) so it handles nearly all modern web pages.

There used to be a Python-WebKit-GTK2 library that was fairly easy
to use and even had documentation, but it's been orphaned for years,
and in any case a lot of the modern web no longer works with the old
WebKit engine. You'd think there would be something newer (ideally
based on Blink) that worked with GTK3/GIO, but I never found anything.
I don't know of any way to use Gecko from Python (except, of course,
sending remote commands to Firefox).


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