coding style - where to declare variables

Gregory Ewing greg.ewing at
Mon Jul 23 04:24:30 EDT 2018

Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> So let me see if I understand your argument...
> - we should stop using the term "binding", because it means 
>   nothing different from assignment;
> - binding (a.k.a. "assignment") comes from lambda calculus;
> - which has no assignment (a.k.a. "binding").

No, that's not what Marko is saying at all. He's pointing
out that the term "binding" means something completely
different in lambda calculus.

The terms "bound variable" and "free variable" in lambda
calculus mean what in Python we would call a "local
variable" vs. a "non-local variable". They have nothing
to do with assignment at all.

Marko is asking us to stop using the word "binding" to
refer to assignment because of the potential confusion
with this other meaning.


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