Non-GUI, single processort inter process massaging - how?

Chris Green cl at
Mon Jul 23 17:14:22 EDT 2018

Anders Wegge Keller <wegge at> wrote:
> På Sat, 21 Jul 2018 09:07:23 +0100
> Chris Green <cl at> skrev:
> > So - what's the best approach to this?  I've done some searching and
> > most/many of the solutions seem rather heavyweight for my needs. Am I
> > overlooking something obvious or should I try rethinking the original
> > requirement and look for another approach?
>  What do you consider heavyweight? Number of dependencies, memory footprint,
> amount of code or a fourth thing? Also, which platform will the code
> eventually run on?
>  If your update frequency is low enough that it wont kill the filesystem and
> the amount of data is reasonably small, atomic writes to a file is easy to
> work with:
Yes, I think you're right, using a file would seem to be the best
answer.  Sample rate is only one a second or slower and there's not a
huge amount of data involved.


Chris Green

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