curses, ncurses or something else

John Pote johnpote at
Mon Jul 23 18:24:18 EDT 2018

I recently wrote a command line app to take a stream of numbers, do some 
signal processing on them and display the results on the console. There 
may be several output columns of data so a title line is printed first. 
But the stream of numbers may be several hundred long and the title line 
disappears of the top on the console.

So I thought it might be quick and easy to do something with curses to 
keep the title line visable while the numbers roll up the screen. But 
alas I'm a Windows user and the 'curses' module is not in the Windows 
standard library for Python.

It occured to me that I could create a simple tkinter class but I 
haven't tinkered for some time and would have to refresh my knowledge of 
the API. Just wondered if there was any other simple way I could keep 
the title line on the console, preferably without having to install 
another library.

Ideas invited.

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