hello from a very excited and totally blind python programmer and game player

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Wed Jul 25 12:07:12 EDT 2018

Hi Daniel,

I'm unsure how well your support tools will work with quoted emails. I'm 
going to place my answer below your text according to the convention on 
this list.

On 24/07/2018 21:09, Daniel Perry wrote:
> Hi there everyone, my name is Daniel Perry and I'm a totally blind
> new Python user. I've only just recently started picking up python
> and playing with it and I intend on building some unique audio
> computer games for the blind. Such things mostly as simulation games
> like farming, building type games and even eventually a virtual world
> built completely with audio but building it in such a way that both
> we as totally blind colonists can live inside of it but also that our
> fully sighted counterparts could live here as well and not need any
> sort of guidance from the other group. That is, the blind would not
> need any help from our sighted counterparts and you in turn would not
> need any guidance from us as to how to live in the world or grow in
> it. Of course this virtual world idea is down the road, I've got
> other game ideas first of all but I would eventually like to get to
> the point I've just described above. Preferably building my own
> server on which to park not only my virtual world and games but also
> my web site that I would most likely need to put these items up to be
> downloaded. Have a wonderful day to you all and I look forward to
> your feedback and advice. Also, When I opened up the first message
> that I had gotten from this list, I got a prompt that popped up
> asking if I wanted to make windows live mail my default news client
> and I answered no. From that point on, I've been getting an error
> message and the message would not open. How must I fix this? or am I
> able to correct this situation. Have a wonderful day and I look
> forward to hearing from you soon.

First of all: Hello, and welcome. If you're a beginner to Python (or to 
programming in general) you might find the tutor list is a better place 
to start:


But feel free to carry on posting here if you prefer.

If you want advice you'll probably need to ask a more or less focused 
question. The sort of thing you outline as an audio computer game sounds 
interesting and quite ambitious. I'm not clear if you've done any 
programming at all until now? If not, you'll want to start small and 
work up from there.

I'm not clear what's going on with your Windows Live Mail issue. The 
only (and obvious) thing I can suggest initially is to ask if someone 
closer to you can understand what's happening and advise. It's difficult 
to guess what's happened without getting closer to the problem.

Anyway, do post back here or to the Tutor list and ask if you any 
specific questions.


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