Python back-end architecture for android application

praveenkumar beedanal praveenkumarbeedanal at
Thu Jul 26 05:41:43 EDT 2018

Hello all, 

I am new to python language. I am planning to create android application, whose back end will be Python. 

The work of the android application is to visualize the co2 emission information and production quantity of the each resource plants. I have confusion regarding the back end architecture which will provide co2 and production quantity information for every 15 minutes.

Here is the architecture what i am thinking, give me your feedback if anything wrong.  

First i am deploying the python application (Written in Django framework) in the server, in application i will provide the required parameters to fetch the data from the ENTSOE API, which provide response in XML that i will parse for the required data. The request has to sent by the application for every 15 minutes.Then application store the parsed data in the relational database. I am creating the web service(Django rest framework) to make connection between android application and data base. Once android application sent the request to the web service running in different server sends the request to the database to fetch required data. Web service sends the JSON response to the android app which will display the result.

here you find my architecture to better understandings.  

Thanks in advance 

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