Python bug in ArcGIS - Urban Network analysis tool

stanimira.s.93 at stanimira.s.93 at
Sun Jul 29 13:56:22 EDT 2018

Hi there,

I'm trying make reach analyze with Urban network analysis (UNA) tool in ArcGIS. It's based on points for buildings and pedestrian network of acceptability steets. The aim is to show how many people from each building can reach different building in radius of 150 meters (so i can find the density of the pedestrian routes). 

I run Urban network analysis but It shows similar mistake several times. The UNA tool is free plugin that i downloaded, it's not from the default intalled in ArcGIS packed. It ask for integer data.
I checked the type of the attributes, it's all integer. PLus it's all in geo data based file.

Unfortunately I don't understand Python, I'm one of those who use ArcGIS as sample customer. 

This is the mistake:

Start Time: Fri Jul 27 14:48:32 2018
Running script Centrality...
[started] Copying input buildings
[1 started] Computing adjacency list
[1 failed] 
Not successful
Completed script Centrality...
Succeeded at Fri Jul 27 14:48:36 2018 (Elapsed Time: 4,56 seconds)

Any suggestions? How it's calling these adjaency list? What could be wrong? I even don't know how to get debugger, so it could give me more information.

Thank you previously,

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