How to decide (and know) which Python GTK version to use?

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Mon Jul 30 17:10:18 EDT 2018

Il 30/07/2018 19:31, Chris Green ha scritto:

> OK, thanks, where is its home and full API documentation etc.?
> -- Chris Green·--

On the first page of the official docs,, there are the links to the 
Python Gtk3 Tutorial, to the Python GI API Reference and all you need to 
start to work with Pygobject and Gtk3.

Just a side note: Gtk3 uses the gobject-introspection (and, for Python, 
PyGobect) to 'connect' the library to Python (or with Lua or Vala) but 
the same introspection system is used also for different library, 
graphical (GStreamer or Goocanvas) or not (Gio).

     Daniele Forghieri

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