From parsing a class to code object to class to mappingproxy to object (oh my!)

Gregory Ewing greg.ewing at
Sat Apr 6 07:59:06 EDT 2019

adam.preble at wrote:
> I've figured from this that I could do most
> variable access by just generating LOAD/STORE_NAME and the FAST is an
> (important) optimization.

Yes, that's possible, although access to intermediate scopes
(i.e. nonlocal) will need something else.

> An
> important exception there would be for built-ins and presumably imported
> stuff, right?

No, importing things just binds names in your module namespace,
so LOAD_GLOBAL does for them too. Also builtins, since if
LOAD_GLOBAL doesn't find something in the module namespace,
it looks in the builtins.

> I'm asking because right now I've literally hard-coded some logic that tells
> me if I'm generating a class body so I know to use names. I just feel kind of
> silly doing that.

There's nothing silly about that -- it's effectively what CPython


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