Design a function that finds all positive numbers

Ben Bacarisse ben.usenet at
Tue Apr 9 20:46:58 EDT 2019

ram at (Stefan Ram) writes:

> Ben Bacarisse <ben.usenet at> writes:
>>Ranjith Bantu <ranjithbantu at> writes:
>>>can I solve any problems like this by learning python?
>>You need to learn how to solve problems as well as learning Python --
>   I do not separate "solving the problem" from "using Python",
>   because the approach to solve the problem in another
>   language would be different (think of Haskell).

There's a lot here.  First, I didn't separate them.  You have to do both
together, and both need to be learned.  Second, learning how to solve
problems is a universal skill that is needed no matter what languages
you use.  You may come up with different solutions in different
languages, but problem solving skills will be needed no matter what.
Third, I don't think the solutions will always be so significantly
different in different languages.  This partly depends on the level at
which one views algorithms, and will depend on what one considers to be
significantly different so it's a bit vague.


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