Logging cf Reporting = Friday Filosofical Finking

Antoon Pardon antoon.pardon at vub.be
Wed Apr 10 02:42:12 EDT 2019

On 9/04/19 17:43, Skip Montanaro wrote:
>>> Is logging an unpopular package?
>> I've been writing Python applications for 20 years.  On several
>> occasions, I've sat down determined to use it.  After a frustrating
>> half a day or so trying to get it to do what I want (and failing),
>> I've always given up and gone back to writing my own throw-away
>> logging functions (typically containing a dozen or so lines of code).
> I'm with Grant. I only broke down recently because that's what's used
> at work and I need to eat. I log *a lot* and always felt it solved
> problems I never had. For example, I never needed to log to syslog,
> include the current thread id in my log messages, or to have multiple
> simultaneous active handlers. (Though I can understand that some
> people will want all this stuff.) 

I use the simultaneous active handlers regularly. I write a lot of things
that are called by cron. My standard set up is to have two handlers. One
with loglevel INFO that writes to a file and one with loglevel WARNING
that writes to stderr.

Antoon Pardon.

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