Tkinter performance issues between Windows and Linux

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Sat Apr 13 03:46:26 EDT 2019

Robert Okadar wrote:

> Hi community,
> I have developed a tkinter GUI component, Python v3.7. It runs very well
> in Linux but seeing a huge performance impact in Windows 10. While in
> Linux an almost real-time performance is achieved, in Windows it is slow
> to an unusable level.
> The code is somewhat stripped down from the original, but the performance
> difference is the same anyway. The columns can be resized by clicking on
> the column border and dragging it. Resizing works only for the top row
> (but it resizes the entire column).
> In this demo, all bindings are avoided to exclude influence on the
> component performance and thus not included. If you resize the window
> (i.e., if you maximize it), you must call the function from
> IDLE shell.
> Does anyone know where is this huge difference in performance coming from?
> Can anything be done about it?

I have no idea, and no Windows to try, but the first thing I would do is run 
the script from the command line rather than from within IDLE.

Also, what happens when you remove the update() call below

>             for i in range(ammount):
>                  self.add_row()
>                  self.update()
or at least replace it with a single update() after the loop?

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