doctest random output?

duncan smith duncan at invalid.invalid
Wed Apr 17 12:10:39 EDT 2019

On 28/08/2017 20:17, Leam Hall wrote:
> On 08/28/2017 11:40 AM, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> ... a bunch of good stuff ...
> I'm (re-)learning python and just trying make sure my function works.
> Not at the statistical or cryptographic level.   :)
> Thanks!
> Leam

If it's supposed to generate values that follow a particular
distribution, and they don't, then it doesn't work. I had a bunch of
functions for generating values from various distributions. My line
manager told me to just set the seed so that the outputs were
deterministic. Worse than no test at all. It relied on my original
implementation (that generated the values for comparison) working, and
only tested if the implementation (of random.random() or my code) had
changed. So I ignored my boss and simply generated samples of values and
tested using a KS goodness of fit test. The tests should fail 5% of the
time. Run them a few times and check that no individual test is failing
consistently. I don't see how you can do much better than that. Of
course, this doesn't relate directly to doctest.


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