Function to determine list max without itertools

DL Neil PythonList at
Fri Apr 19 02:49:01 EDT 2019

On 19/04/19 5:22 PM, Sayth Renshaw wrote:
>> In English rather than Python, how do you find the maximum element in a
>> list?
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>> Rob Gaddi, Highland Technology
> Get first 1 item in the list and compare it to the rest. If it is larger than rest its the max. However if another list member is larger it replaces the first item and comparison continues.

A good first effort!

Is it sufficiently-detailed to say "compare it to the rest"? Is it being 
compared with ALL of the other elements of the list at once?

How about this outline:

	Set the first item in the list as the current largest.
	Compare ...
		if this element is larger, set ...

How could we fill in the gaps (...) of that description?

Also, what types of data are you expecting as elements within the list?
Regards =dn

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