Is this a "gotcha" in Python?

Ben Bacarisse ben.usenet at
Sat Apr 20 06:48:12 EDT 2019

Gilmeh Serda <gilmeh.serdah at> writes:

> On Fri, 19 Apr 2019 21:01:05 +0000, Stefan Ram wrote:
>>   Has this ever been a problem for someone?
> Only for programmers who come here from other languages and expect Python 
> to behave in the same manner as their favorite language, so they try and 
> argue that things from other languages should be implemented into Python 
> because they think it is a good idea, when it usually isn't. Python's 
> success proves that.

Depends.  If their favourite language was Fortran, the posted code would
be unsurprising.  (There would, of course, be loads of /other/ things
that would be potential "gotcha"s.)


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