Questions on Instance methods

dieter dieter at
Tue Apr 23 01:56:15 EDT 2019

Arup Rakshit <ar at> writes:
> ...
> As you saw from documentation link, those are just words kind of spec.
> Which source you recommend to read which explains these concepts more with example codes.

I cannot help you much with this -- I am much turned towards
spec[ification] like documentation and have little need for examples.

What helps me much in understanding Python related documentation
is using the fact that it is an interpreter, i.e. that
I can interactively play with it -- and its great introspection
features (especially its interactive "help" function, which
builds on its "inspect" module containing the introspection
Thus, I can interactively construct szenarios I do not yet
understand and interactively explore them.

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