Importing module from another subdirectory

dieter dieter at
Wed Apr 24 01:47:53 EDT 2019

Rich Shepard <rshepard at> writes:
> On Tue, 23 Apr 2019, dieter wrote:
> ...
> One project is for my own use and I understand now that a virtualenv with
> its own sys.path appendices would work.

Those are two separate approaches:

With a "virtualenv", there is usually no need to tweak "sys.path" --
you simply install everything your project needs into the "virtualenv".

"sys.path" tweaks are typically employed with a "central"
Python installation, to have it look at non-standard places for
module/packages under specific circumstances.

> The other project is intended to be
> available for installation and use by clients (most of whom work in a
> Windows environment) so I need to learn how development in a virtual
> environment affects ultimate distribution via github.

A "virtual environment" behaves like a typical Python installation
(it is just somewhat isolated). Thus, there is no problem
to install a package developped in a "virtual environment"
into any Python environment -- aport from potential name conflicts
(choose appropriate names to reduce this risk).

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