Checking network input processing by Python for a multi-threaded server

Markus Elfring Markus.Elfring at
Tue Apr 30 04:10:25 EDT 2019

> Does this mean that the second number in a listing like the above
> should be approximatively equal?

The expectation (or hope) was that an identical number of record sets
would be available for each loop iteration in such a data processing approach
by the server.
But the reality is different for the observed input value distribution.

> Then, obviously, your threads must communicate among themselves
> and wait in case they have too much run ahead.

This is a software design option. I am looking again for adjustments
around programming interfaces for efficient appending to mapped data
according to required context management.

> As you say to have created a "multi-threaded TCP server", I assume
> that your server spawns a thread for each TCP connection.

Is this the software behaviour we usually get from
the class “socketserver.ThreadingMixIn”?

> Then, you can concentrate on proper multi-thread synchronization
> and forget about "inter-process communication challenges".

I showed an experiment where I put a loop around a test command.
I am wondering also about varying data processing results from
the execution of a single command. The visualisation of output
statistics seems to be more challenging for such a test case.
Can any other test tools help a bit more here?


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