format number is not recognized in a cycle

Diego Avesani diego.avesani at
Mon Feb 4 14:31:42 EST 2019

Dear Peter, Deal all,

Trying different options, I manage this solution:

   mask = (df['datatime'] > str(start_date[ii])) & (df['datatime'] <=  str(end_date[ii]))

As you can notice, I have put str before start_date[ii]) and end_date[ii].

What do you think?


On Monday, 4 February 2019 20:00:32 UTC+1, Peter Otten  wrote:
> Diego Avesani wrote:
> > this is the code:
> While the example is fine now it runs without error over here, on rather old 
> versions of pandas (0.13.1) and numpy (1.8.2).
> Therefore I'm out of the debugging cycle for now.

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