Implement C's Switch in Python 3 [OT languages]

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Mon Feb 4 20:20:35 EST 2019

On 4/02/19 9:25 PM, Christian Gollwitzer wrote:
> Am 04.02.19 um 09:18 schrieb Christian Gollwitzer:
>> I think English is quite "unique" with writing out the ending of the 
>> ordinals attached to arabic numerals.
> Of course, there is a Wikipedia page about it:
> So I was wrong and the abbreviated suffix is as common as the period 
> over the European languages.
>      Christian

That's a comprehensive read. Thanks!

Left me with a few thoughts:
1 the Irish is "syncopated". No wonder that accent presents me with 
2 this is all very difficult, and
3 the OP must be re-thinking his choices (or questioning his sanity) by now!

Following your earlier contribution and its use of words such as "rare", 
"unusual", "mess", and "unique" I wondered just how relevant the ordinal 
might be?

Herewith a few minutes of very un-scientific/statistically-irrelevant 
discovery - wherein I learned that English investors are leery of 
Alphabet because of their rate of investment (!?) and the Portuguese are 
concerned that their schools' computers are aged-rubbish.

I surveyed a number of the better-known European news-papers' web-sites 
to see what they do (under the (perhaps mistaken) assumption that they 
represent their country's use of dates):-

Great Britain
The Times (of London) February 5 2019, 12:01am,

French (translations: 'published on-site at...', 'published on the...')
Le Monde avec AFP Publié hier à 08h06, mis à jour hier à 12h08
Publié le 14 janvier 2019 à 15h04 - Mis à jour le 14 janvier 2019 à 16h03
Le Figaro: Publié le 04/02/2019 à 19:45

Handelsblatt Dienstag, 5. Februar 2019 (also FAZ)
Welt  Stand: 01.02.2019 | Lesedauer: 4 Minuten
Bild 05.02.2019

la Repubblica 05 Febbraio 2019

Diário de Notícias Terça-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2019
Publico 4 de Fevereiro de 2019

El País 5 FEB 2019
El Mundo martes, 5 de febrero de 2019

So, even with the French making their dates into sentences, not a single 
one uses ordinals!
- did the computer people in all these languages/cultures decide that 
the more numeric approach was better/easier/...
(ie simpler/less-complex)

Not even the convention/use of title-case is consistent!

After all this, I think I need to quietly go away and sleep it off...
Regards =dn

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