more pythonic way

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Mon Feb 11 15:54:34 EST 2019

Felix Lazaro Carbonell wrote:

> Hello to everyone:

> Could you please tell me wich way of writing this method is more pythonic:
>     def find_monthly_expenses(month=None, year=None):
>         month = month or

> Or it should better be:

>         if not month:
>             month =

Personally I would avoid a default because I'm unsure whether the current or 
the previous month is the right default. 

Also, the default month combined with a specific year doesn't make much 
sense to me, and someone who specifies find_monthly_expenses(month=6) in May 
probably wants the June of the past year...

Keep the function simple an make the arguments non-optional. If you can come 
up with a nice heuristic put it in a separate function.

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