How do/can I generate a PKCS#12 file the cryptography module?

Travis Griggs travisgriggs at
Wed Feb 13 16:20:23 EST 2019

I’m using the cryptography module ( to try and generate some cert/key/identities.

It's pretty easy using said module to generate the contents of .pem file for a private key:

    keyPEMBytes = privateKey.private_bytes( 

It’s also easy to generate the contents of a .cer/.pem file for an associated cert:

    certBytes = certificate.public_bytes(encoding=serialization.Encoding.PEM)

But I need them (and their chain) balled up on a single .p12 (PKCS12) file. Said module documents how to parse/consume PKCS12 formats, but nothing (that I can find) about how one can generate them.

My understanding of PKI stuff is hit and miss though, so maybe I'm just not searching the right keyword in the documentation?

I can create the .p12 file at the command line on Linux using

    openssl pkcs12 -export -out myIdentity.p12 -inkey myPrivKey.pem -in myCert.crt -certfile myCertChain.crt

So I could just wrap calls like this with subprocess/cmd and mess with tempfiles/pipes. I was hoping to keep it all in memory/python though.

Is there a different python TLS library that I should be considering, that can do this?

(stack overflow version if you’re into the points and all that:

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