Using PyArg_ParseTuple to with optional fields.

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Thu Feb 28 04:47:54 EST 2019

Anthony Flury via Python-list schrieb am 28.02.19 um 10:18:
> I am trying to write an extension module with a function (actually an
> __init__ method, but I am not sure that matters) where the function can be
> called as either :
>     my_func()
> or
>     my_func( a, b, c, d) - where a,b,c,d are all doubles.
> I would prefer not to allow the function to be called with some arguments
> specified - it is either all four - or none.

You could do the argument checking yourself, after extracting them.

But (without knowing what you're actually up to here) – are you sure the
above is a good user interface? Did you consider splitting the function
into two, one that takes arguments and one that takes none?


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