Checking network input processing by Python for a multi-threaded server

dieter dieter at
Tue May 14 00:58:14 EDT 2019

Markus Elfring <Markus.Elfring at> writes:
> ...
> I imagine that it can be easier to depend on a higher level
> system infrastructure.
> How do you think about to reuse software extensions around
> the standard “CORBA” like “omniORB”?

I have used "CORBA" in the past. It is nice when you
control all cooperating components (such that you can
ensure they all support "CORBA") or when you must
interact with a "CORBA" service. Search "PyPI" to find
out what CORBA support is available in the Python world.

Nowadays, I develop typically web applications.
There, something similar to "CORBA" is used: WSDL described
"web services". Typically, they use the web infrastructure
and its protocols ("http", "https") for communication.

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