Rishabh Mishra rishabhm120497 at
Tue May 14 03:18:56 EDT 2019

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I was upgrading a codebase from python2 to python3. The testcases fail in
python3 code because the set() function produces a different order from

e.g. set in py2 ={"it","is","rishabh","Mishra"}

Here in python 2.7 the PYTHONHASHSEED is disabled.

in py3 set ={"rishabh","it","is","mishra"}

I want the order to stay consistent with python2.7 to pass the test cases.

In python 3.3 above PYTHONHASHSEED=0 disbales the random shuffling but it
doesn't yield the same order as 2.7

So can you tell me for what value of PYTHONHASHSEED the order will stay


Yours sincerely,
Rishabh Mishra

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