How to concatenate strings with iteration in a loop?

Madhavan Bomidi blmadhavan at
Tue May 21 03:42:19 EDT 2019


I need to create an array as below:

tempStr = year+','+mon+','+day+','+str("{:6.4f}".format(UTCHrs[k]))+','+ \
str("{:9.7f}".format(AExt[k,0]))+','+str({:9.7f}".format(AExt[k,1]))+','+ \
str("{:9.7f}".format(AExt[k,2]))+','+str("{:9.7f}".format(AExt[k,3]))+','+ \
str("{:9.7f}".format(AExt[k,4]))+','+str("{:9.7f}".format(AExt[k,5]))+','+ \
str("{:9.7f}".format(AExt[k,6]))+','+str("{:9.7f}".format(AExt[k,7]))+','+ \

k is a row index

Can some one suggest me how I can iterate the column index along with row index to concatenate the string as per the above format?

Thanks in advance

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