How to use ssh-agent in windows in python?

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Fri May 31 09:51:09 EDT 2019

> 在 2019-05-30 6:41, Cameron Simpson 写道:
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>> The you could just use os.system() to run the other commands, because 
>> the environment now has the necessary environment settings.
>> See how you go.
>> Cheers,
>> Cameron Simpson <cs at> (formerly cs at

   Under your guidance, the python code using ssh-agent ssh-add has been 
running successfully. In addition to the code you wrote to me, I also 
refer to man ssh-agent and subprocess: Subprocess management. I now know 
the importance of environment variables.
   This problem has puzzled me for nearly two weeks and solved this 
problem with your help.
   With your guidance and help, I have learned a lot. You are a very 
good teacher. You are my teacher.

BTW, this program is for visit youtube.


Thanks so much.

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