Sad news: Fredrik Lundh ("Effbot") has passed away

Skip Montanaro skip.montanaro at
Sun Dec 12 09:00:32 EST 2021

Like many others, I'm saddened to hear of Fredrik Lundh's passing. I
vaguely recall meeting him just once, probably at a Python workshop,
before they grew big enough to be called conferences. was
my Tkinter, ElemenTree, and PIL reference and cheat sheet.

My attention to Python development has waxed and waned over the years.
Most of the time, the trip through the Python folder in my mail
program was generally pretty quick, hitting the 'd' key far more often
than I'd stop to read a message. There are only a few people whose
messages I'd always read. Effbot was one. In my opinion, Fredrik ranks
up there with Guido, Tim Peters and Barry Warsaw.

I went to and saw the "on hiatus" message. Searching
through The Wayback Machine, it seems it went on hiatus in late
November, 2020. The 11 November 2020 snapshot appears to be the last
usable version:

Probably worth a bookmark in your browser.

Rest easy /F ...


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